Why Hire a Home Staging Professional?

Below Are The Reasons Why You Should Home Stage:

  • It is a fact that you can stand to make up to 20% for the sale of your home simply by having professionally staged.  
  • Most people can’t see past a Seller’s current furniture and clutter to see it’s potential and imagine themselves living there. 
  • National Association of Realtors confirmed that more than 81 percent of home-buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it’s staged.  
  • Prelisted staged homes spend 90 percent less time on the market than their non-staged competition, according to a 2016 report by the Real Estate Staging Association. Considering the monthly carrying costs — mortgage, taxes and utilities — that translates into a lot of saved cash if the home spends less time on the market.
  • Web surfing is the first step in the home buying process, and if your home doesn’t grab their attention, potential buyers will be less likely to tour it. 
  • You’ve got only one opportunity to make a first impression, so you don’t want to be the seller who passed on staging, especially if there are several houses on the market in your area. Even without staging you manage to get potential home buyers through the door for one viewing, they may not return for another look if nearby properties appear more enticing.
  • You’re too attached to your home to see it clearly. Homeowners have too many memories and attachments to belongings that can cloud seeing the whole picture. A home stager is a pair of fresh eyes with no emotional ties to the house or its contents, with the ability to see what it will take to get it sold quickly and for a lot more.
  • Understand that selling your home, is not personal, it’s about the buyers, so finding a way to detach is the most important aspect of selling the home.  Home stagers will provide feedback That shouldn’t be taken personally, but rather should be seen as a means of helping prospective buyers envision their own belongings in the home. 
  • The cost of staging will always be less than the cost of your first price reduction on your asking price.
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